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About Us

A multimedia creative content agency founded at the start of 2020 by Annie Connolly , a former ITN and BBC Network broadcast journalist.

per stellas limited
company number: 13489977
registered in England & Wales
registered office: Oak House Malleson Road, Gotherington, Cheltenham, England, GL52 9EX

Offering clients a choice of more than one creative media output and a broad range of skills within the per stellas team, seems the most natural service. All our commissioned projects are broadcast journalist led which brings research, authenticity, and discipline to the narratives we tell.

I wanted to create a business that was disruptive to the traditional model of one trick pony companies (just video, audio, photography, copy writing, or design etc) because audiences absorb content in diverse ways across different media.

And, what's more, we have the right people with the right skills.

Our hybrid content services must be flexible, credible, trustworthy, to have high production value and, above all else, be distinctive and engaging. I'd rather look after fewer clients than pack too many in and not be able to give them that personal attention to detail and exclusivity.

Annie Connolly, Founder of per stellas

Our hugely experienced professionals bring a wealth of skills and decades of experience from different disciplines: writing, education publishing, theatre, art, journalism, photojournalism, broadcasting, graphic design, animation, radio, reporting, sound design, and film.

We also have a goal: to grow and support local, younger talent by offering opportunities to those who don't usually have easy access to our industry and are bursting with potential.

In partnership with Balliol College, Oxford, we mentored five young apprentices throughout the Slavery in The Age of Revolution project, across art, research, film, and photography.

Their proactive contribution was invaluable, and some continue to be involved with other per stellas projects. As we grow, we look forward to expanding that support and opportunity to other young adults in the Southwest and the Midlands.

Manoel's film, supported by our production team, is now being used by our clients within their education project.