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Frequently Asked Questions

How our services are priced?

Due to the bespoke nature of our services, we price each commission on an individual basis, and take extreme care in costing and tracking each element as the project progresses.

Our fees will always be transparent, providing an estimate, then actual breakdown of the hours, skills and equipment that goes into each service.

Costs can vary depending on the scope of your project or event and can be flexed up or down according to your needs, within our rates.

We keep a close eye on any change notices required, stop if the scope alters and discuss with all our clients before proceeding.

Our wide range of services also allows us to offer different creative options to suit each client's budget. Creating content in different formats at the same time means we can be efficient, with our multiskilled team members all sharing their material.

Travel and expenses on location

Travel time, travel costs, expenses on location and overnight accommodation are additional costs to the statement of works estimate. They will be invoiced separately + VAT.

What about holding a project in archives long term?

If you would like us to archive your entire project material securely, with redundancy, we charge a monthly storage rate per terabyte and a cost per item to download from the cloud.


We take sustainability seriously. The company office is run on 100% sustainable and green energy in an A+ rating building. Our podcast packs for remote podcasting are reusable up to 10,000 times and are couriered from guest to guest where possible without being couriered back to base in between. Remote podcasting for one-to-one interviews means neither the host nor the contributor must travel to a studio. Our team all work remotely. We travel to meet for the larger creative meetings, but most are held remotely. We do travel to be on location but we car share or take public transport wherever possible. The MD is investing in driving a fully electric car to help support a reduction in emissions. Our mobile podcasting studio is a repurposed and restored vintage caravan which must be towed at 50 mph or less. We are 95% paper free in the main office.

Securing data and file storage

Your data and files are securely stored and backed up in a triple server system. We won't share your data without permission with any third party unless they are contractually working on the project, and then information is only held by them for the duration of the project.


If you have skills that fit the per stellas ethos, then please get in touch.

VAT registered

VAT Registration number 384815367