Episode 12: Dr George McGavin

The Zo-o-logist

Our final episode of the first series is with Dr George McGavin – who has a habit of crawling into giant hollowed out tree trunks, on location with a film crew, as he brings out all manner of insects to delight and inspire. Eminent zoologist and entomologist, author, explorer, academic, and honorary lecturer – he just has to know what every living thing in the natural word is called and where it fits into its place on this planet.

As a biologist he wanted to discover more about his recent cancer, a rare malignant melanoma. He examined its particular curiosity and the new science used to dismantle it, all with a film crew recording him during treatment. This is not someone who wishes to be contained or follow convention, as you hear throughout his podcast. His delight in his own death planning is a perfect example of that individuality. Now recovered from cancer, he is back broadcasting and itching to travel again.