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  • Bespoke, curated content
  • Journalist and artist led
  • Multimedia publishing
  • Valuable content repurposed
  • Delivered by professionals
  • Active listening - and going the extra mile
  • Servicing fewer clients to a higher standard at any one time

We like to illustrate the personal end of a client's business; it's their values and people that will always connect with an audience. We believe that's what makes any company's message and content authentic.

Our job is to actively listen and extract the narratives that deliver this, and then produce engaging, original and high-quality content. Every client has relatable stories: you just need to know where to look and what questions to ask.

Different audiences engage with different content across different media. There is no one size fits all. The per stellas objective is to give clients choice across our services - commission one item in one form of media, or multiple, or a hybrid.

That mix is an opportunity to produce noticeably distinctive content which can be repurposed and reused across many platforms, ensuring value for money and better engagement.

Offering clients a choice of more than one creative media output from the range of skills within the per stellas team seems the most natural service to us. All our commissioned projects are broadcast journalist led, bringing together a huge range of skills and experience, with team members working together across different disciplines.

We know how to research stories properly, how to find and interview people, how to apply discipline and editorial rigour to everything we do - and how to deliver to the highest standard. A key cornerstone is to deliver a service that is accurate and discreet in dealing with sensitive and confidential material.

And we only service a handful of clients at one time - so they have our complete focus.