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Creative Design

Creative ideas start with the story you want to tell.

How you tell it is up to you.

Our tools are at your disposal, from traditional paper art and hand-drawn illustrations, to graphic design and digital animation. It's a rich palette of choice for each project, and we collaborate with the Master Artisan, Nic Dobrowolski, who often leads as our Artistic Director on creative design, art direction and exhibition content.

The use of hand crafted art work (still or animated drawings, and paper modelling) is what sets per stellas, and your content, apart. It provides engineered but beautiful content that often ends up in the client's office when the job is done!

Once created, this content can be photographed or filmed - in real time or for stop motion animation, creating material which can be used as an infographic, web short or timeline.

And it can be teased into books, education resources, social media, website content, films and even audio promotions.

This tactile expertise blends seamlessly with our digital knowledge, and we work with computer animators, graphic designers and digital editors to ensure whatever content you require, we can deliver.

Hybrid Content

We specialise in hybrid content; a distinctive blending of different media forms. Our creative design work can be digital and/ or analogue. The skill employed by the paper artist and the production team behind her, lends itself to multiple applications within media publishing. In this timelapse we blended real world set design modelled from paper, then lit and photographed those layers with detailed illustration added digitally. Later on we worked with an animator and a sound designer to complete the film short.

A commission begins with your story and how to tell it.

The artist will mock up a paper model or a digital sketch before we begin to scale up, photograph and sometimes film.

It is completed with something much greater than the sum of its parts.

Our creative design work has also been used for our own branding:

We sometimes include a client's branding handcut from paper, so the artwork is foregrounded and consistent throughout a filmed project.

Behind The Scenes

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