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Podcasting & Audio

Podcasting is the future of audio

…because sound and radio are intimate, revelatory and engaging. An expertly made, branded podcast can reach a unique and different audience to today's fast-paced digital comms.

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Our mobile podcasting studio, the podpod, is housed in a vintage caravan. But she's equipped with the latest audio recording facilities, hosted and staffed by experienced radio broadcast and recording specialists, expert in drawing out conversations and storytelling.

The podpod means we can come to your business or awayday, or your event or product launch, gathering stories, comms and marketing material, customer and client feedback - and the mood behind it all.

Or we can record remotely by sending out our easy-to-use recording kits and accessing recording studios around the world.

All audio can be re-versioned for social media and your website. Imagine the narrative you want told for your business through an audio programme, using conversation and sound on location. Talk to us and we'll shape it into a memorable and well produced format that makes easy listening.

Prompted by a handful of privately owned possessions, The Memorabilia Box Podcast series uses engaging storytelling and seasoned broadcast presenters to delve into the tales behind a guest’s keepsakes. Subscribe for free and enjoy 12 half-hour programmes hosted by the brilliant Vernon Harwood.

Hear from a data analyst, a curator of times past, a historian, a Sir, an Antarctic adventurer, a boxer, an actor and a conservator of ancient books.

The memorabilia might be unassuming and obscure, it might have been handed down or represent a significant moment, but there’s always a story behind our possessions; and they’re usually connected to memories and people that matter. In this podcast series, encounter the box of ephemera to really understand what makes the guest tick as we gently walk them through parts of their life.

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