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Publishing & Content Creation

We publish content across all platforms, both online and offline, covering all elements of the process: from the research and interviews, through the writing and forensic copy-editing.

We are adept at helping with the design - and final layout, be that on screen or at the printers.

A publishing commission could be: a long project in the form of a bespoke book, smaller publications and catalogues, marketing content, articles about and for our clients, or a combination of traditional print with audio visual and creative design content for 21st Century interactive e-publishing.

Commissioned photography is a significant part of our work - across film for stop motion and for animation, to capture our paper designs, behind the scenes, and in particular for publishing.

You can commission original content about your company, product, or exhibition.

Our journalists work closely with our graphic designers to build up from the written word. We are keen to incorporate our creative designer's ideas and artwork throughout a project, alongside our photographers' professional stills.

We can photograph out in the field with award-winning photojournalists, in the calm of a controlled studio environment, or on location - whatever suits your project.

Publishing today comes in different formats on different platforms - traditional print and online - using mixed media. We have the professional skills to make and publish content across any output. No matter what the subject, just ask and we will cost, plan, and deliver any publishing project whilst keeping a close eye on originality, attention to detail in the layout, a polished finish, and accuracy.

Behind The Scenes

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